5 Tips for Staying Positive in Bad Times

stay-positive-imageWe have all been there. Some of us are actually maybe even still going through it.

Bad times, difficult times, rough patches, whatever you call it–it’s never easy to go through a period like that in your life.

You may have just lost your job, you may have just broken up with your significant other, you may have just lost a loved one…

whatever it is, the only way to move on is to face those emotions head on and go through emotional healing through various ways.

Of course, if you’re also going through some physical problems, Then you will have to get those addressed too.

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How to Stay Healthy – a Case Study of a Friend

I have a friend Matt (not his real name, I changed it for his privacy of course) who I have recently been able to catch up with after we bumped into each other when I was out shopping the other day.

I didn’t know that he’d actually heard about my blog from other friends and he’d been reading it, which is something that amuses me because I didn’t know just how wide a reach my blog now has, if I’m to be truthful.

It’s not really amazingly popular or anything but friends and family know about it…and that on its own is amazing to me haha.

Anyway let’s talk about Matt. Matt does work with heavy sheet metal and is about my age… Let’s see where I should begin.


Healthy-Lunch-Ideas-1Let’s talk about Matt’s diet.

He and I were talking about what he usually eats and how he can improve himself on that front.

He told me that he isn’t a fan of cooking and very often goes to fast food chains in order to get his meals because of the fact that it is more convenient in every way for him.

He also eats quite a bit of junk food and drinks a lot of coffee and energy drinks.

Not exactly an ideal diet for anybody—and it’s starting to show on Matt, he has really started gaining weight since the last time I saw him and I am actually pretty sure that he is well on his way to becoming overweight, if he isn’t already.

So I advised him to choose healthier options if he eats out, or to simply cook easy meals he can eat at home (eggs, salads, steamed food) and freeze the extra so he can reheat when he wishes.

I also advised him to lessen the coffee and energy drinks.

Physical Activity

keep-up-running-lake-28072011Matt works with heavy sheet metal, cluing me in that he is actually working a really physically demanding job.

But even with that fact, why is it that he has gained quite a lot of weight?

It turns out that after work he sits at home and goes to the couch to veg out as he eats a lot of unhealthy junk food.

This partially sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help to keep him fit.

No doubt if he had to run he would be quite breathless in only seconds.

So I suggested to him that he should do a little extra cardio and strength training here and there, even if it’s only fifteen or twenty minutes a day. It helps greatly.

Combined with his new healthier diet he should be able to get healthier faster.

Sleep Habits

sleeping-man-350One good thing about Matt is the fact that he always get seven or eight hours of sleep a night.

I didn’t bother giving him advise on that point—it seemed he already had it down pat.

Losing weight and staying healthy hinges on a combination of a good diet and proper exercise.

But it’s always best to combine both in order to make sure that your body not only gets the exercise it needs, but also runs on the best fuel it can possibly have.

Please note my advise should not be taken over that of an actual physician or nutritionist!

Staying Fit as a Family

Many of my readers are probably parents with their own families.

Whether you are a mum, a dad, an aunt, or a grandparent, staying fit as a family helps instill healthy habits, especially if you start exercising with children early on.

While there are many schools have outdoor play equipment for the children, it is sometimes not enough.

You should certainly bring your children to the park playground too, or build a playground of your own if you have the space and the money for it.

Playgrounds are perfect for keeping very young children fit and healthy, especially since toddlers and young children should not yet participate in more physically demanding activities.

Now, while frolicking in a playground is often enough exercise for your young child, older children may need a bit more coaxing in order to stay fit, especially if they already have access to television and and computers.

To stay fit as a family, you can try the following steps to make sure that everyone is keeping healthy.

Prepare healthy meals for the whole family

Happy family preparing a healthy dinner at home.As a family, it is important to eat together. Eating together helps strengthen the bond between parent and child and also prevent overeating.

You should always take it a step further by preparing healthy meals for your family, making sure to add just the right amount of fibre, protein, and vegetables.

Look up healthy recipes online or in cook books, and portion foods up on a plate.

You may need to limit the food intake of each family member based on their weight, so make sure that you prepare food according to their caloric requirements.

When going out, prepare healthy lunch boxes, especially for your children when they leave for school.

Walk or bike together

family-sun-heat-400x400Walking or biking is a great activity for young and old alike. Young children may not be ready to walk or bike very long distances, so it is best that you start out small.

Start by walking around the park at a leisurely pace, eventually increasing the speed and the distance as your children learn to keep up.

Make sure that your child is always fully hydrated, and that you provide hats and sunscreen to protect them from the harsh rays of the sun.

Bring a water bottle with you for each child and allow them to drink whenever they say that they are thirsty.

Do chores together

Doing chores, especially gardening and yard work, really burns calories. You can make a game out of doing chores so that your children will enjoy doing them more.

You can tell them that whoever finishes dusting the room within a certain time limit can get a small treat (make sure that it is something healthy, like a banana or the child’s favorite fruit).

Doing chores together not only keeps the house clean, but keeps your family fit too.

There are many ways for your family to stay fit together.

Just make sure that the exercises are appropriate for your child’s age and fitness level, and that you take note of nutrition as well.


Don’t Overwork Yourself When You’re Injured

I absolutely love being fit and working out. It is just absolutely fun to be healthy, it makes me love life, completely enjoy it.

138019-416x288-too-much-exerciseI adore breaking a sweat and getting drenched in it after a real good workout. But some days, my body just won’t cooperate.

Well, that actually goes for everyone—some days, there is just a need to rest your body and relax. Let your body recover.

Yes, in fitness R&R (rest and recovery) is most important if you want to build a strong, healthy body.

It is very much important to let your muscles rest so that they can rebuild. Otherwise…you’re going to end up destroying your body.

The same goes for when you have an injury.

I had a client that I train who got into a small car accident and got injured and still forced himself to go to to training sessions because he worried he would lose his progress.

I got him a list of solicitors in Manchester so he could get compensation for his injuries, then told him to go home.

What people don’t know is overworking yourself through an injury is just…terrible. Why? Read on.

workout-injuryMakes it Near Impossible for Your Body to Heal

When you get injured, what your body needs is to be able to rest so that it can rebuild.

You need the proper amount of sleep, the right diet, and the ever important rest so that whatever injury you have can slowly get better over time.

Before you know it, you will be up and ready for anything once more.

But if you work yourself too hard when you are injured you are just putting yourself at risk of injuring yourself over and over, stalling your healing for even longer.

Makes it Hard for Your Body to Work

When you are injured your body focuses all its resources into healing that injury.

It’s of course the same way when you are sick. Thus if you want to get better faster then it is important that you let your body rest and heal.

Are you starting to get the pattern here? Rest and recovery…good and healthy food… sleep. Enough sleep. 7-8 hours a night of course.

It’s Just a Bad Idea Over All

Who wants to work out when injured? All you’ll be thinking about is the pain every time you do a rep.

It might even affect your balance, or your ability to do anything. If you are injured, go home, put your feet up, take a nice cup of tea, and rest until you’re ready.

Remember however to mind your diet, so that you don’t end up wiping out all of your progress.

And if you can’t help yourself and you do desperately want to work out… then at least do a very light work out. Avoid weights.

I’ve been injured many times before.

I know how difficult it can be to not work out, and I know how difficult the thought is that you’d be sliding back…but just remember, it’s important to rest!

Tips on How to Control Your Food Portions


Dieting is one of the hardest things that you will ever do. A lot of people do not know how to portion their food, especially since most establishments sell food in large bags and quantities. With all of the large packs of food and varying serving sizes, it is easy to get confused over how to control what and how much you should eat.


However, there are some tips that can help you control your food portions. Everyone is advised to properly portion their food for a variety of reasons.


The most common reason for portioning your food is to lose weight, but those who want to gain weight, improve their nutrition, or have special diets for health related issues must know how to portion.


Portioning your food can even be helpful in emergency situations, such as when calamities strike. Knowing the recommended food portions per person can help in rationing supplies.


But for regular fitness and weight loss, the following tips can make controlling what you eat much easier.


Prepare food beautifully



For those who have a more negative relationship with food, preparing them beautifully and arranging them on a plate can do wonders. Beautifully presented food can give you an appreciation of what goes into it, and helps you control your portion size.

Ditch the paper plates and Styrofoam food boxes and go for gorgeous glassware, china, and slate ware. I like how natural slate tableware reflected the foods healthy qualities and improved my appetite.


Measure quantities



Always try to measure the quantities of what goes into your food. It is advisable to purchase a food scale to get exact measurements for certain food items, but measuring cups and spoons can work in a pinch.

You can also approximate food portions using everyday items: a serving of meat should be the size of a deck of cards, while a serving of pasta should be no larger than a tennis ball.


Count calories



Read labels and keep track of how many calories you consume per day. You can start a food diary or use a calorie counting app on a tablet or smart phone. Counting calories is the best way to control how much you eat, but you have to be careful and measure the food portions correctly so that you count the correct number.


Stay hydrated



Our bodies often confuse thirst for hunger so it is a good idea to stay hydrated through out the day. Drink pure, clean water in copious amounts. Eight tall glasses a day are recommended, but be free to drink more as needed. Staying hydrated ensures that we do not overeat during meal times.


Eat slowly



Eating too fast can affect our portioning and make us crave for more than what we need. Try to eat slowly and you will notice that you also get full faster. This is because our stomach signals that it is full within 15 minutes of eating.


By eating slowly and stretching your portions out over 15 minutes, you can feel more satiated without having to eat more.


Here is a Video Talking About Simple Steps on How To Lose Weight Without Dieting:



Simple Secrets To Having A Healthier And Happier Life

Having a healthy lifestyle is the key to staying healthy and fit. This entails having proper diet and getting sufficient exercise, rest and sleep. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier said than done.


Most of us want to be in great shape and have optimal health yet many of us fail to live a healthy life. This can be because of the convenience that we do not want to give up not to mention our lack of discipline, dedication and motivation.




With self discipline, dedication and motivation, it will be easy for us to develop a good eating, sleeping and exercise habit.

The type of lifestyle that we live is easily determined by the food that we take in every day. More often than not, a lot of people today do not put in time in making a healthy meal because many do not like to cook or are just lazy to cook. And because of this, many end up ordering pizza or grabbing fastfood and comfort foods.

Fastfoods and comfort foods do not contribute to our diet. As a matter of fact, they make our lives shorter as they are made up of unhealthy preservatives. The best diet contains meat, breads, fruits and vegetables.

Having a healthy diet is a great way to prevent weight gain and health problems. But, having a well balanced diet is not always enough to get the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need hence taking vitamins and health supplements must be given importance in order to achieve complete proper nutrition.




In addition, it is crucial to stay completely hydrated at all times. Water is not just a daily important drink but it takes on a huge role in cleaning our system and keeps us energised. Drinking at least eight to ten glasses a day is important for our general health.

When it comes to getting enough exercise, it is easy for us to pass up as it feels nicer to sit down in our couch or lay in bed during our off from work than to do some activities that require physical movements.

Exercise should not be strenuous, boring or limited to gym workouts. In fact, there are numerous enjoyable forms of activities that give the exercise needed by our bodies.

Most of these can be our hobbies or outdoor activities that most of us enjoy like dancing, walking, biking, hiking, rowing, gardening, golfing, surfing, mountain climbing and swimming. Playing sports such as basketball, beach volleyball, baseball, football and hockey also provides different forms of body exercises.

All of these activities allow us to have fun and beat stress. Moreover, they are very helpful in maintaining ideal weight, burning excess calories and keeping our hearts and minds healthy. Varying our exercise activities can make exercising fun and interesting.

Walking your dog around your neighborhood or in the park is a good form of exercise as well. Aside from his healthy natural dog food, walking keeps your pet in great shape and in good condition.

All forms of exercises contribute to good health in such a way however each form of exercise offers varied results. If you want to lose weight, have a good cardiovascular system, increased strength and endurance, a fitness coach can device a good exercise and diet programme for you that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Meanwhile, this is a video discussing about the importance of living a healthy life:


The benefits of exercise go a long way than improving our physical health. Exercising also boosts our mood and increases our energy levels. Therefore, we should make exercising a part of our daily lives.

Getting adequate rest and sleep is also vital for our immune system and our daily function. A good night sleep can make us well-rested. It can make a difference in our days, making us look good, energised, alert, productive and have good disposition.

Living a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for us in so many ways. It can improve our overall health, help us avoid common diseases and make life even more comfortable and enjoyable.


Misconceptions About Getting Healthy

There are so many factors to getting healthy that people think of, but in reality there are really just a few things that really matter. The 3 biggest things that will affect your health in the present but even mores in the long run are your diet, your level of activity (whether you get any exercise at all or not) and of course, the amount of sleep and rest you allow your body to have.

There are a ton of other things that you can consider, of course, but those are the three biggest and you should strive always to eat healthily, get at least some exercise, and always get enough sleep.

There are of course still some misconceptions people have about getting healthy. Here are some of them—let me know in the comments if you have thought one of these at any point in time, or if you have other misconceptions to add!


Taking Supplements and Pills for Everything Will Make Up for a Bad Diet
So okay you have been taking boat loads of supplements. In fact if you could have it your way you would have pallet racks full of health supplements in your basement or in your store room.


But you should remember—nothing can make up for good, natural food that you eat as a part of your regular diet. Supplements might be good, but they are still man made and are not as effective or even as good as the real thing.


Exercise Gives You a Free Pass to Eat as Much as You Want
Okay so you did your exercise for the day. More than your normal jumping jacks even—you actually went for a run or went and danced your bum off to a nice fitness video. But now you’re hungry.


So you head to the kitchen and grab yourself a nice, delicious donut. Stop! Exercising does not give you a free pass to eat and eat and eat, especially if you are trying to lose weight. Be mindful of the amount of calories you take in, and the kind of food that you eat. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for it.


You Can Skip Sleep or Constantly Sleep Late Without Consequence
Oh no, you have a deadline? Well, you can always just sleep late and make up for it in the morning with several cups of coffee. Sound like your life right now? Remember that your body needs at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night to recover and rebuild.


Coffee doesn’t do this. Eventually you will start to really feel the consequences of always sleeping late. Skip the procrastination if it has been holding you up from finishing your work on time so you can get your desperately needed shuteye.


Meanwhile here is a countdown of simple ways to get healthy for beginners. Where to Start?

Sugar is Only Bad for Diabetics
A little sugar is good. Too much? Not so good. Anything in excess is bad for you so even if you are not diabetic, you may want to take your sugar in moderation.


Why it is Important to Learn First Aid Before Doing a Fitness Routine


The road to fitness is a dangerous one and knowing first aid techniques is a great way to keep yourself and other safe. One of the risks of exercising and doing sports is the fact that there is always a chance of getting into an accident or injuring oneself.


Even very simple exercises such as running and aerobics can lead to injury and pain. Tripping, sprains, strains, and cramps are among the most common injuries in these kinds of fitness activities.


Meanwhile Here is a video tutorial about the Basic First Aid:


Now, sprains and cramps can be relatively minor injuries that may require a few days to a few weeks worth of rest and recuperation. However, without knowing how to perform first aid, the injury can worsen, leading to more injuries and possibly creating long term damage.


As a fitness instructor, I studied first aid along with my fitness training so that I can assist my clients in case they come across any trouble. I learned everything from bandaging, relieving cramps, and performing CPR over the course of several weeks.


I even decided to go for the more advanced lessons, stopping short of taking a training course for tracheostomy. I have not been able to perform a tracheostomy, but I prefer to leave that to medical professionals as it can be risky if performed incorrectly.


Learning first aid for fitness is is important for several reasons. First of all, it helps preserve life. First aid is all about keeping a person alive long enough until professional help can arrive. This is especially true for serious accidents that lead to massive blood loss and unconsciousness.


As the first person respondent, it is up to you to help prevent the person from bleeding out and make sure that they are still alive by the time the paramedics arrive.


In sports, especially activities such as cycling, jogging, and climbing, injuries such as lacerations and breakages are a high risk.


First aid should also be learned to prevent the deterioration of the casualty, as improper handling of the situation could lead to more lasting damage and worsen the condition the victim. At my local fitness hub, there was a man who tore a muscle while he was lifting some weights.


He did not stop what he was doing right away and continued working out, thinking that it was just a passing pain. Luckily, we noticed right away that he had injured himself, and asked him to stop exercising immediately.




Our first aid training required as to apply an ice pack to the injured area and to wrap it up firmly, but not tightly. We kept the injury above the heart level so that the blood flow is reduced. In the meantime, a fellow trainer called up an ambulance.


First aid is all about protecting people and providing help. As a fitness trainer, or anyone who decides to do sports or to work out, knowing first aid is essential to preventing further injury.

Gym Bag or No Gym Bag – Where Do You Put Your Keys?

Ever since I started working out back when I was a wee little whipper snapper in my lat teens I’ve always been adamant in a somewhat minimalist lifestyle.

This certainly extended to my gym time, I’ve always been an advocate of less is more when it comes to gym “stuff”.

You see these girls in the gym with their iPods, cell phones, hand bags, make-up, lip gloss etc. etc. and I wonder how they get any work done down there.


The answer is of course, that most don’t actually work very hard down the gym and it’s mostly just a fashion show.

Anyway, my “hands-free” gym style has fallen into question most recently when I locked myself out and forgot my keys…..urghhhhhhh!

I gave Locksmiths United a call however, and they came and let me back in quick smart.

Check out their neat little video below, too:

Anyway, since locking myself out I’ve decided to bite the bullet and start using a gym bag now which will always contain a spare set of keys to my car and my house (hands off burglars).

Gym bag or no gym bag, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.